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Our personal trainer and conditioning coach individualize program for physical fitness, generally one-on-one with a client. The personal trainer will help an individual assess their level of physical fitness using state of the art measuring equipment and help them work toward their personal fitness goals through proper exercise science and nutrition, and personal motivation. Our scope of practice is to enhance the five components of fitness for our clients: Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training, Flexibility and Nutrition. Our personal trainer agency is located in Jersey City, Hoboken and NYC. To set an appointment with our personal trainer in Jersey City or a personal trainer in Hoboken please contact us today.


Life Coaching in Jersey City

Fitness Blueprint now offers Life Coaching services. Much the same as physical fitness goals, personal and professional goals can be more easily attained with the help of a coach. Achieving your goals is attainable to anyone. It’s all a matter of setting goals, making a blueprint and finding the motivation to follow through with your goals. In many cases, you may already know what it takes, you just need a coach to help guide you through the process, motivate you to overcome challenges and finish the blueprint. Fitness Blueprint: Coaching Body, Mind & Soul.


William has been my Conditioning Coach for nine years. He truly is results oriented and has developed on-target programs for me to stay in shape. In addition, William is a great nutritional coach. He helped me bounce back from two pregnancies to regain my strength and lose the unwanted body fat. In fact, I am now in better shape than I was before being pregnant. William customizes each workout so I get the most out of each training session. All in all, I’ve recommended William to several friends, and all of them have seen the results. It is because of William’s professionalism, dedication, and customized programs that I have been a long-time customer.
Lori Taylor , Senior Director Multimedia Sales - ESPN
My training relationship with William Ortiz began in the beginning of 2001. My wife gave me a Christmas gift of a personal trainer as I was no longer my college weight of 185-200 lbs. I had ballooned to 260 lbs with the help of working desk jobs and studying my way through law school. Since I am 6’2”, I had basically mastered the art of hiding my weight gain. William and I hit it off immediately as I lost 50 lbs in seven months as we ran mini races, worked out about 5 days a week and basically made working out into a way of life for me. William taught me about eating better and caring about what you looked like. Eight years into our relationship, my weight has been up and down but I am exactly where I need to be to continue to work hard at it with the help of Fitness Blueprint. In the last couple of years, my career as a baseball sports agent has taken off. William along with Fitness Blueprint has trained several of my athletes from the minor to major leagues. He has helped them immensely to lose and maintain weight, get stronger and faster and also develop a sense of pride in their appearance. Fitness Blueprint is on the verge of becoming a major player in the field of athlete training.
Alexander Sepulveda, Esq., Attorney - Integrity Sports Group LLC, MLB certified agents
I hired William Ortiz (Fitness Blueprint) in November 2008 with the goal of dropping my body-fat percentage from 22 to17% which is the ideal weight for a 1st baseman /Designated Hitter. I needed to prepare my body and mind for spring training 2009. The program was designed for 4 weeks and included around the clock nutrition and power training. Every day we ran 3 to 8 miles through the mountains in Puerto Rico, followed by intense power training and plyometrics in the gym. The 4 weeks were definitely hard and intense but the bottom line is that William delivered the results that I required. I dropped 15lbs of solid body-fat and my body-fat percentage now sits at 17%. The nutrition was customized according to my activity level since I was still playing winter ball during the program. I am extremely happy with the results that William provided. My performance has increase on the field and I am overall a stronger player.  I recommend William Ortiz for any athlete looking to improve their game or any person that seeks a fitness specialist.
Randy Ruiz, MLB Roster Player - Toronto Blue Jays
As an inactive person weighing 236 pounds, I was lost and did not even know where to start on losing weight. I decided to get personal training to help guide me and was lucky enough to find William. William showed me how to eat healthy, do the right exercises that will fit my goals to lose weight, he knows when to really push and motivate me, something no one has ever done before. William gave me the path to success with my own customized workout program and following it turned out to be the best decision of my life. Now, 24 weeks later, weighing 196 pounds, my life has drastically improved. I run, train and wear clothes I never thought I could ever fit and look good in. I never thought life could ever be this good. William Ortiz showed me what I’m really made of and what I could accomplish. William is a specialist when it comes to the science of exercise, nutrition and motivation. He just knows what it takes to get the results. He’s always focus and aware of what the body can and cannot do.
Yaniv Bahat - Government Of Israel
I began training with William a year ago; I was 15 pounds overweight, had little muscle mass and cardio endurance and my body-fat was 34%!  On a referral from a friend, I met with William for a complimentary session and was very impressed with his level of knowledge, passion, kindness and commitment.  He doesn’t just push a generic program on his clients and sit back on the sidelines while you work out.  He specifically tailors each program to the individual to yield the greatest results.  He cares about getting you both physically and mentally healthy and strong.  I’ve had a knee injury for most of my life which has made working out incredibly tedious, boring and difficult.  William makes working out challenging, engaging and fun!  He has taught me discipline, patience and commitment.  I’m stronger, more confident and the healthiest I’ve been in years.
Kathleen Brown - Makeup Artist for Film, Print and Television
Being an Area Property Manager for Windsor at Liberty House, a Luxury Building in Jersey City, we are constantly looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We started using Fitness Blueprint as our exclusive fitness class vendor in April 2007. William Ortiz and his employees are a tremendous asset to our buildings amenities. His team currently teaches two fitness classes per week that each has a waiting list to gain entry. The residents rave about William and his instructors and continue to thank me for offering such a great opportunity for them. William is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.
Angie Stibbs, Area Property Manager - Windsor Property Management
Will’s workouts are challenging and dynamic! We’ve had accelerated results with Will’s program more so then at any other time in our lives. We have been runners for the past 10 years and feel that Will’s resistance training and cardio are the perfect complement to running. One aspect we truly look forward to is the outdoor “boot camp” style workouts. Will is very good at knowing the limits of his students, and getting them to push those limits out, a little bit, each workout.
John F. Kennedy & Patricia McTeague , Consulting Sales Manager - ESPN Customer Marketing & Sales
Training with William was great! Going to the gym was never really all that exciting for me but Fitness Blueprint’s variety of exercises in combination with the boxing made the once a week sessions a lot of fun and I saw my fitness level improve dramatically. I also really appreciated that William was able to accommodate my hectic and changing schedule. Thank you William!
Stanley Hum, MD
I was a stressed out wreck. Not only did I not have time for workouts but I lacked energy. With his boundless enthusiasm, belief and faith in my ability to carve out time to take care of myself, William got me up and out. He respected where I was, but pushed me to train harder. The results were immediate. After our first session my spirits were uplifted and I felt a weight had lifted. For me, training with William is the best way to start the day. It sure beats hitting the snooze button! Will broke the snooze button cycle and gave me tools to push my own self! We met the short term goal of 20 pounds before the Emmy awards so I could feel great in a sleeveless dress. Losing 22 pounds, developing upper body strength and running again is a lot to celebrate. That is phase 1, can’t wait to see what phase 2 has in store for me.
Julie Tucker , Owner - Tucker/Meyerson Casting
I have trained with Fitness Blueprint for over a year, having started just 3 months after having our second baby. I was looking for structure and accountability and found so much more – William helped me set clear goals, developed a very sound nutrition and exercise program fit for my very busy life, and stuck with me every step of the way. Have I not come across William and his team, I would most definitely continue postponing finishing a half-marathon, getting into shape, and feeling a true sense of accomplishment which carries over into every aspect of my life. I cannot thank you enough!
Yuliya Komarova, Ph.D., - Fordham University




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