It does not take some special ability to defy all odds and be on top of your goals. When we look at our current situation we begin to cast a shadow on what life has in path for us, we always wonder if we would finally be there. YES YOU CAN AND YES YOU WILL! Success › Read more
#1 Set a fitness goal with a plan, and make the decision to attain that goal. The path to the goal will most likely go many directions, but when you make that decision to succeed, you will be motivated to plow forward until you reach that goal. Your most powerful tool is making that decision. › Read more
Alcohol- or, to use its chemical name ETHANOL- is the result of the breakdown of sugar and starches by a fungus (yeast) in a process called fermentation. Beer is made from fermenting barley. Wine comes from fermenting grapes and hard liquor is made from different grains and potatoes. Alcohol can be classified as a food, › Read more
Right next to the fitness industry is the fast food chains, doing all they can to keep on the top of the “healthy eating” era. They make it look like they can tailor to our dieting needs with “fat-free,” “low Calorie,” and “low-carb” meals.  The bottom line is that fast food is not good for you. › Read more
– OK… Fitness Blueprint knows you want a six pack or a lean mid-section, and all you see are these ads for new break-through equipment that claim to deliver results or when you ask an expert they end up sounding like scientist. Well here it goes. It is not the rocket science that most people › Read more
Donate to the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) -Jimmy Fund and receive a free personal training session and body-fat testing with Futrex 5500. Any size  contribution to the PMC will be appreciated. Checks should be made out to  the PMC- Jimmy Fund.  One hundred percent of your contribution goes to finding a cure.  This is my part and a chance for › Read more

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