Fitness Blueprint’s Steps of Motivation

#1 Set a fitness goal with a plan, and make the decision to attain that goal. The path to the goal will most likely go many directions, but when you make that decision to succeed, you will be motivated to plow forward until you reach that goal. Your most powerful tool is making that decision.

#2 Never Give Up. An unfinished fitness program is of no use and a waste of time. Quitting is never an option when it’s in your heart to achieve what you desire to become. Develop the habit of winning. Winning is never giving up and understanding that there’s always going to be things and issues that will try to slow us down or keep us unfocused. Keep your eyes on the prize/goal.

#3 Socialize with people that want to win. We will develop the attitudes of our friends. If you associate with slackers you are most likely to slack. Socialize with motivated people and you are likely to stay motivated and achieve.

#4 Use your resource. The more we know about the science of exercise and its components, the more we want to learn about it. With knowledge comes success.

#5 Talent motivates. We all have talents and skills. Talent and skills creates motivation, motivation creates persistence and persistence gets you to your goal.

#6 Mistakes are good. We all make mistakes, Mistakes are learning tools. No one has ever succeeded without making mistakes. When we make mistakes- the lesson is learned, we learned not to repeat it. This will get us further in our mission towards the goal that we set for ourselves.

There is no point in getting motivated and then putting it into a drawer, because that’s where it will be-in the dark forever. Be true and take action NOW, and know this, “if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got” so I will say it in bold again, take action & make it happen NOW!

William Ortiz

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