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– OK… Fitness Blueprint knows you want a six pack or a lean mid-section, and all you see are these ads for new break-through equipment that claim to deliver results or when you ask an expert they end up sounding like scientist. Well here it goes. It is not the rocket science that most people tend to make it look or sound. Your abs are a muscle group, training them by doing sit ups and other exercises make them stronger and leaner, just like any other trained muscle. When you burn the excess layers of fat you will make them visible.

Ok, so you make your abs stronger by simply doing a machine or sit ups and you do cardio, end of story? Not quite.

One can never forget that nutrition plays a key role when working for lean abs. You can have the perfect ab muscles, but if there is a layer of body-fat on top, the muscles will not be visible. All in all, we have to create a healthy eating lifestyle to combine with the exercises that will target the mid-section. I would say that nutrition plays just as big a role as the exercises.

A good routine that I know works is as follows; you simply eat 5-6 times a day which includes 3 small meals and 2-3 snacks (according to your calorie intake). I prefer snacks to be any fruits or vegetables. Always load up on more fruits and vegetables for carbs than pasta and rice. This does not mean you cannot have pasta or rice, just watch the portions. Focus on doing exercise routines that target the mid-section such as ab exercises or ab equipment. Know that there are many different exercises to choose from. Also, don’t forget to target the lower back; it is very important because injury can be caused if your stomach is conditioned and your lower back is not. As I say, always try to avoid any possible injury.

Last but not least comes the cardiovascular workout. Some prefer to jog off the body-fat but for those who prefer a less intense workout- focus on walking. Keep the speed at 3.5 to 4.0. Bring the incline to at least 5.0. This routine will help burn extra calories and make up for not jogging. Hit that treadmill for 30-60 minutes at least 3-5 days a week, No less! And remember- the more minutes and days you dedicate to this program the better results you will see.

I know everyone is different and of course some people will get the six pack and others will need a more targeted routine. So this blog is to motivate those who want to get results in their stomach area and if you just simply follow these tips and just stick with it 100%, you will see great results. Some will say…I do not have the ability to burn fat very quickly or I do not have good genes. Just remember that you need to condition your abs and burn off the layer of body-fat that’s keeping you from showing those muscles. This is the science behind getting visible abs. So get and stay motivated! Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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