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Fitness Blueprint’s personal trainers and conditioning coaches customize each “blueprint” to the client’s fitness level. In order to determine the appropriate level, your personal trainer will gather the necessary information during the initial fitness assessment. Our programs are typically 12 weeks long and include Cardiovascular, Strength, Nutrition and Flexibility Training. We also have specialized fitness professionals to accommodate any unique requirements or limitations.

Our personal training packages range from 1 to 3 training sessions per week depending on the client’s needs and dedication to their program. Programs are set to timeslots to make it convenient for the client. Fitness Blueprint cancellation policy is 24 hour notice to avoid being charged for the training session. Always consult with your Doctor before starting an exercise program. Any client at risk will be required to have clearance from a Doctor prior to starting any of our programs with our personal trainers.












bodyfat-jerseycity-hoboken-nycBurning fat is simply using up more calories than you consumed in a day. If you want to lose more body fat, you will need to burn more calories. However, this does not mean you should deprive your body of food by skipping meals.

By skipping meals your body will go into survival mode to prepare for a possible famine. Over time your metabolism will slow down and your body won’t burn off any excess calories. In order to burn body fat your body needs more food. Eating 5-6 small portions throughout the day will help to speed up your metabolism. A faster metabolism will help burn off excess calories faster.

Ideal body weight must be achieved in order to achieve optimum health. Excess body-fat can lead to obesity and CAD (Cardio Artery Disease). The ideal body fat percentage for men is 11-18% and 18-25% for women. Here at Fitness Blueprint our personal trainers offer body-fat testing with Futrex 5500. Futrex 5500 is an ultrasound device that measures both body fat and BMI (Body Mass Index). This information will give us a clear view of where we start to properly customize an exercise program based on your fitness needs. The desired result to achieve an ideal weight and a faster metabolism.


strengthtraining-jerseycity-hoboken-nycWhat is Strength Training?

Different forms of muscle development techniques are used during training depending on your desired results.

Strength Training is conditioning and toning the muscles of the body while building overall strength.Muscular Endurance is also toning the muscles in the body but instead of strength, we seek endurance within the muscles. This is also known as Plyometric, Speed and Agility Training.
Power Training is known to be body-building. Here the focus is on gaining weight by increasing the size of a person’s body mass index (BMI). This is also known as Hypertrophy.

Strength training is a vital part of a balanced exercise routine that includes anaerobic activity and flexibility exercises. Regular aerobic exercise such as running or using a stationary bike makes your muscles use oxygen more efficiently and strengthens your heart and lungs. When you strength train with weights, you’re using your muscles to work against the extra pounds. This concept is called resistance training. This strengthens muscles and increases the amount of muscle mass in your body by making your muscles work harder.

Most people who work out with weights typically use two different kinds: free weights (including barbells, dumbbells, and hand weights) and weight machines. Free weights usually work a group of muscles at the same time; weight machines typically are designed to help you isolate and work on a specific muscle.

Many people tend to group all types of weightlifting together, but there’s a big difference between Strength Training, Muscular Endurance, and Power Training!

Strength Training and Muscular Endurance use resistance methods like free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, or a person’s own weight to build muscles and strength/endurance. Power Training, which people often think of when they think of body builders, concentrates on how much weight a person can lift at one time. The result of this is the increase of weight by body mass. Depending on a person’s fitness goal, your personal trainer at Fitness Blueprint will put together the right strength training program for the results you desire.


jogging-jerseycity-hoboken-nycWhat is Cardiovascular/V02 Training?

Cardiovascular training focuses on the heart and lungs. The heart is a muscle that needs to be properly conditioned, just like any other muscle. The lungs need to build the proper capacity for oxygen intake to deliver oxygen to all working muscles. In order to achieve this, we must work within different heart rate zones. The heart rate zone is contingent upon age and gender.

The different zones are called Fat Burning and Cardio Training zone. The Fat Burning Zone is when your body mostly focuses on using fatty acids as fuel while your body performs the cardiovascular exercise over the duration of time. This is the zone to be in when we want to focus on fat reduction.

The Cardio Training Zone is when we focus on conditioning the heart and lungs, building a stronger heart for more intense workouts or fitness events. In this zone, we also work on building lung capacity to tolerate oxygen. This will result in better oxygen supply to our working muscles.

Fitness Blueprint’s programs include cardiovascular training – an important component of any workout. The goal and a typical outcome is reduction of body fat and a well-conditioned cardiovascular system, but most importantly, prevention of CAD (Cardio Artery Disease).


nutrition-jerseycity-hoboken-nycNutrition is the foundation for physical performance and muscle recovery. Nutrition provides the body fuel for proper training and recovery. Lack of proper nutrition can lead to many risk factors and different types of eating disorders. Excess calories can lead to obesity and CAD (Cardio Artery Disease).
Nutrition is one of the most neglected areas in strength training or fat loss programs. Considering the amount of conflicting information available, especially for people who want to build muscle or burn fat, it is no wonder that we often miss the target on nutrition.

So, what is nutrition? Nutrition is the process by which we take in and use food and supplements for health, growth, recovery and energy.

Foods contain a series of basic nutrients that the body uses for these functions. These nutrients are:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Macro/Micronutrients
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

Fitness Blueprint’s goal is to educate and guide the client in the science of nutrition. Our personal trainers will teach you how to pick the best foods so the body can receive the right vitamins and minerals needed in order to train and recover from each training session. The program also educates you on which carbohydrates and proteins are best for successful workouts and muscle repair. The nutrition program is designed to create a healthy eating lifestyle.


flexibility-jerseycity-hoboken-nycWe should never forget the important flexibility component. All working muscles should have the proper range of motion to allow you to perform any and all cardiovascular/strength exercises. Insufficient flexibility can result in a timeout from the gym or a sport. Injuries can take anywhere from weeks to years to fully recover. Furthermore, muscles, ligaments and tendons will likely never be 100 percent after repair.

So what is Flexibility?

Flexibility is a major component of a well-balanced fitness program but is often forgotten. Without flexibility we do not have a proper range of motion, which can lead to injuries when trying to perform any cardiovascular or strength exercise. Lack of muscle or joint flexibility can increase your chance of a torn muscle and ligament. This will be a very painful experience and should be avoided at all cost. Considering factors like your age, sex, muscle bulk and fitness status, anyone can improve their present level of flexibility. Fitness Blueprint has designed a series of stretches to incorporate into the training sessions. The flexibility program is designed to stretch every working muscle in the body. The goal is to build the proper range of motion so that muscles can perform at peak level with minimum risk of injury.

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